Jun 172011

I have made lots of progress on Floral Particles. There is now a gui which makes it much easier to change all of the parameters. It also scales to fit the browser nicely. Let me know what you think, and if you want, share images in the comments below! (you can attach images to comments)

Open FloralParticles 0.3

Click the image to try it


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  • Anonymous

    I’ve been following from the beginning, and it is beautiful.

    • http://Danikgames.com Danik

      Glad you enjoy it. Thanks for the comment.

  • http://Danikgames.com Danik

    Here is a picture showing off some more of the styles that can be made.

  • claxo

    Your sample image look very nice.
    May I mention that in the three browsers I tryied (Opera 11.11, Firefox 4.00, IE 8) I only see a relatively tiny part of the canvas ? ( from the top of image to the height of the color widget )
    Maube because my desktop is 1024 * 768 ?

    • http://Danikgames.com Danik

      Yes, thanks for letting me know. I will look into it.

    • http://Danikgames.com Danik

      It should behave properly in all browsers now, it was an css issue with the height.

  • http://www.levitygames.com Martoon

    I’ve loved this experiment since 1.0, and I love that you keep building on it. ¬†Might there be a game in there at some point?

    • http://Danikgames.com Danik

      I hope so!

  • Pencilnev

    is there a downloadable version